How to get rich

rich Everybody wants to get rich. There is nothing wrong in getting rich. Wealth creation is a good habit. If it inspires healthy competition and spurs people to work harder, it is even better. There are opportunities everywhere for the taking, but very few people maximize these opportunities.

There are plenty of books available on the subject of wealth creation. Rich people are often available to give some tips. There are plenty of investment opportunities, careers, business avenues that hold the promise of a richer you. But is it that easy?

Wealth is a subjective word. It varies from person to person, and from age to age. Different people have different standards for defining wealth and luxury. Usually these are the most common benchmarks to define wealth:

Social prominence: This is tied to respect and reverence in the society. It usually involves having a desire for luxurious houses, yachts, international vacations, expensive cars, sprawling estates and so on.

No work, all play: This is a state of being saturated with wealth, such that everyday is a day to live life to the fullest. It also involves financial security that will trickle on to following generations.

How to get rich

This is not an easy question to answer, but there are definitely some common ways to get there. Getting rich is a mixture of luck and hard work. As they say, “fortune favors the prepared mind”

1) Try your luck with online lotteries. Try to invest in short-term lottery. Don’t make the mistake of over-investing. But never make the mistake of substituting hard work with this work. Remember hard work actually guarantees success, and with it wealth.

2) Look out for chances that you can capitalize on. Keep your eyes and ears open. Read the newspapers regularly. Find out what other people are doing.

3) Do what you do best, and take it to its zenith. If you are a good writer, then why not try to use your writing skills in starting a newspaper or magazine company or anything else?

4) Save money and cut down on your expenses. Invest wisely.

5) Network with rich people. It does sound hedonistic, but rich people come with ideas you would never have heard before.

6) Work hard and pray to god.


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