How to Get Ready for Skiing

Skiing is an adventurous and refreshing sport. You can make this sport fun and safe with dressing rightly. Here are some wonderful tips that will tell you how to get ready for skiing and enjoy slides on the undulating snowy surface.

Step 1
While you go for skiing, make sure that you are covering yourself with various layers of clothes. The base layers of your clothing should ideally include long underwear. It is better to take a pick from the combination of polyester or wool-poly fabrics. You can also avail thermal pants and full sleeve tops from the stores. If you like branded stuffs, then it is a right choice for you. On this, you can add a layer of the full sleeve or turtleneck shirt. Take another layer of sweatshirt, fleece or sweater too.

Once you are done with covering your body with base layers, you should add some outer layers too. Put on salopettes and ski jacket. Make sure they are comfortable, warm and water-proof.

Note: Remember what you wear should be comfortable and should allow you to add or remove layers of clothing, depending upon body temperature.

Step 2
You are recommended to choose neck gaiters than the scarves. Neck gaiters are more useful when it comes to keeping neck warm. Not only this, scarf may move from its place when you ski bit fast. But neck gaiter remains fixed and helps keeping nose and mouth warm. Also, wear a facemask. This will cover every bit of your face. It will not cause any problem in breathing.

Don’t forget to wear nice and protective sunglasses or goggles. It is a must to save your eyes from UV rays, which are found 36% more in high altitude to sea level. Not only this, the sun rays that emit off the snow get harsh and intense too. It can cause serious damage to eyes.

Step 3
You should also consider wearing mittens. A pair of mittens will help you keep your hands and fingers warm. If you want, you can also buy hand-warmers. Hand-warmers basically look like sugar packets. To use them, you first need to shake its packet. This will allow you to discharge warmth from it. Once it is done, you can stuff them in your mittens. There are some gloves in the market which come with pockets to store hand-warmers. So, you can go for them as well.

Step 4
Do wear proper headgear and a comfortable pair of socks. Go for a hat that sufficiently covers your ears and does not move while you are skiing. Wearing a helmet is also a good idea. It is easy to remove when you feel too hot.

As far as socks are concerned, it is very important to look at the quality. Avoid the one which is too thick. Poly or thin wool socks make for a good choice.


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