How to get out of the debt?

debts Today millions of people are buried under enormous debts.  It is very essential that you must take important and wise measures to come out of the debt.  The banking companies have become very liberal and are very easily providing loans and credit cards to people. 

Most of the middle class people who are not able to grow their salary according to the rising prices in the market have to depend on the loan provided by various banks to fulfill their necessities.  Millions of people have applied for personal and business loans among various banks today.  Once you are not able to pay your installments in time, the cycle where your debts begin immediately.

Credit cards provides  you with the facility of purchasing products by not paying for it instantly.  You can see people carrying around more than 3 to 4 credit cards at a time that lets them spend luxuriously without even thinking about the repayment.

In this article you will earn you step through which you can manage your debt and get out of it as soon as possible.

Step one

You must prepare our list of all the debts you owe including loans, insurance, telephone bills, credit card bills and other similar unpaid expenses.

Step two

Calculate your monthly expenditure and find out how much of unwanted expenses you are making every month.  In order to cut down your debt you will have to satisfy most of the unnecessary expenses like purchasing more than required clothes every month, going out for dinner every week, etc.

Step three

Divide your salary in two parts- expenses and savings.  Keep the saving part of your salary as the part through which you will pay off all your debts.  You will have to make savings every month from the other part of your salary and will have to cut down expenses that can be done without every month to solve the debt situation quickly.

Bhrat Brij

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