How to Get Instant Glow – Unique Tips

instantglow While going to a party, the first thing comes to your mind is how to look gorgeous. Whether you have a very beautiful skin or an ordinary one, the wish to look bright is always there. If your skin is healthy and glowing, it becomes easier for you to make up and look good.  However, to get a good skin you need to take of your skin for years.

It is not a result of one night. But, to look gorgeous and glowing in a party for few hours, is very simple for anyone. Some very unique ways of bringing a glow to your skin instantly are discussed below. Check that out and look your best at the party and say good bye to the old dull look.

1. Potatoes do wonder to your skin in a moment. Cut a potato in thin slices and dip them in a water filled bowl. Keep the potato slices for few minutes in the water. And then use the potato starch water as a cleanser to your face and neck. Let your skin dry and then wash off with fresh water. The instant glow will be very much visible.

2. If you think you are looking dull after a tiring day and you have a party within an hour, don’t be tensed. The solution is very easy. Take two tablespoons of yoghurt in a bowl and add 2/3 drops of vinegar (white) into it. Mix them well and apply the mixture on your face and neck. Let it dry for 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water to get a fresh and glowing skin.

3. Rose water is another way to bring glow to your skin. You should apply the rose water with a cotton ball at least 3-4 times every day. A natural glow will come to your skin.


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