How to Get Healthy Hair by Using Natural Ingredients

naturaly Do you want to know how to get healthy hair by using natural ingredients? If your hair is healthy then you will not suffer from problems such as serious hair loss, dandruff, weak hair, bald patches or dull hair. You can easily treat various hair problems at home if you use certain ingredients that are available in your kitchen.

You can massage your scalp as well as hair with a mixture of olive oil and raw egg yolk. Leave this mixture on your hair for about one hour and then wash nicely with a mild shampoo. If you use this treatment once every week then you will be able to get shiny mane as well as treat baldness.

Home Remedy using Garlic

Garlic has a number of benefits and it works well not only for your hair but also for your skin. It is helpful in treating various skin diseases such as eczema, warts, and nail fungus. You can use raw crushed garlic, garlic extract, or even garlic oil to tackle hair loss. If you have a bald area on your scalp then you can rub garlic over that surface.

You can shampoo after some time. Garlic oil is useful for promoting the growth of thick hair. You can also take garlic orally in order to improve hair growth.

Castor Oil for Thick Hair

If you apply castor oil to your hair roots as well as your scalp then you will soon find the growth of new hair. The right way of applying it is massaging it for sometime and then leaving it on for an hour. You can also leave it on overnight and then shampoo your hair in the morning. Do you know that you can also get thick and healthy eye lashes if you apply castor oil regularly? Try these home remedies and notice how healthy your hair becomes.


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