How to get flawless skin

fsk To get flawless skin, you must be well-equipped to combat pollution in the form of dust, grime, carbon emissions from traffic, etc. Even harsh sunlight damages skin due to ultra-violet (UV) rays. These daily onslaughts of heat and dust ultimately take its toll on our skin.

The dust, grime and pollution that we encounter in the course of negotiating heavy traffic, walking on crowded streets and in the course of traveling long distances by using public transport makes the skin lose its glow and charm gradually.

For these reasons, it is very important to wash you face from time to time using a very good face wash. For those with oily skin, the use of oil-free face wash is recommended.

Lack of skincare has a lot to do with busy schedules. We are often left with no time at all for personal grooming and preening. We get caught up in our fast-paced life in the rush of meetings, appointments, deadlines and unfortunately, our beauty regime takes a back seat.

Simple steps like washing your face at regular intervals, moisturizing your skin well, using a good night-cream and removing all your make up before you retire to bed can go a long way towards getting that clear, supple flawless skin. However, in the rush to meet impossible targets, we often give up even on such simple and small goals we have set for ourselves to take care of our skin.

Use a good skin whitening cream to leave your skin soft and smooth. Regular use of such creams also helps to remove the dark spots and blemishes in the long run. Use a good under-eye cream to brighten the area under your eyes.

This area is especially prone to dark circles and so, regular use of a good eye-cream can lessen the dark-circles and smoothen the fine wrinkles. A good beauty-care regime can indeed help retrieve the supple, young look you always wanted.


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