How to Get Better Sleep at Night

gn Sleep is just as critical to healthy living as eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise, and eliminating stress. In fact, you are going to have more energy to exercise and be better able to deal with a stressful situation after you have gotten a good night’s sleep.

In addition to restoring your body’s energy supply and making you better able to face the day, your body uses the time that you are sleeping to repair itself.

The problem is that sometimes getting a good night’s rest just doesn’t seem possible.

Use Your Bed Wisely

Don’t use your bed for any activity other than sleep. You are trying to train your body that every time you get into your bed it is time for rest. Don’t read, watch television, or eat a late night snack; you can do all of that on your couch. Eventually, you will start to fall asleep almost as soon as you crawl between your sheets.

Stay Awake

If you are having a difficult time getting to sleep at night, you should not take a nap during the day. Skipping out on your power naps will make your body crave sleep. You should also try to go to bed at the same time every night, even on the weekends.

Stay Active

Keep yourself active during the day. You are trying to wear your body out so that you simply don’t have the energy to toss and turn during the night.

Think Before You Eat

Don’t eat two hours before you go to bed at night. A full stomach makes it difficult for you to get comfortable and, if your stomach has to digest food, your body can’t go into a state of hibernation. You should also try to keep you last meal of the day on the smaller side and keep it bland; spicy foods can give you heartburn. Make yourself a mug of hot chamomile tea or a mug of hot chocolate before you go to bed. If you are still having a difficult time falling asleep, try drinking some whiskey or a small brandy.

Get Comfortable

It is impossible to sleep if you aren’t comfortable. You should consider the purchase of a good mattress and comfortable pillows an investment rather than a luxury. After all, a good night’s sleep will make you a healthier and more productive person.


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