How to get better feedback?

bfb Advertisement has come to play a vital role in the marketing of products and services. All the key aspects related to business have become customer oriented. Business houses struggle hard to carve a niche of their own in the market.

They resort to several ways and means just to have an idea of tastes and preferences of consumers in order to have an edge over the competitors. Direct mail can be an effective marketing campaign if carried out in the right manner.

Step1 – Lay down your objectives. Do you want to increase sales i.e. gain new customers?  Are you aiming to create brand loyalists? Do you aim to create interest? These are some of the questions you need to analyze before you begin with the mail campaign.

Step2 – Draft an impressive cover letter stating your objectives.

Step 3 – Step aside a budget to meet the expenses of this campaign. Evaluate your needs, priorities and future benefits to be gained out of this campaign. Go for materials that fall within your budget.

Step4 – Personalize the greeting using your own creativity.

Step5 – Include the highlights of your business in the opening paragraphs of your letter.

Step6 – Select a language and writing style that is comprehensible and legible.

Step7 –while promoting a product or a feature, try to focus on benefits that consumers would gain by using the product. For eg: you do not have to carry a sun block, moisturizer and toner, our single bottle of cream takes care of all your skin needs.

Step8 – whenever there are lots of plus points to be highlighted use bullet format for each benefit.

Step9 – Include a feedback mechanism by way of reply card or toll free number where consumers can give in their opinions or responses. This will not only help you in tracking but in maintaining a valuable database.

Step10 – Include suitable incentive or rewards to invoke the responses from consumers within specific time limit.

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