How to Get Beautiful Eyebrows

eyebrow Eyes are the most beautiful parts of your face. If your eyes are beautiful, it adds value to your elegance and look. However, whether your eyes are small or big, there is nothing you can do about it. But you can always do something about your eyebrows.

Eyebrows form the frame of your eyes. So, it is very important to do the eyebrow makeup very carefully. Eyebrow makeup should be impressive to highlight your eyes. Sometimes women ignore their eyebrow makeup and some even over pluck them. It really looks odd when you over pluck your eyebrows. Here are some dependable tips on how to get beautiful eyebrows. Follow the tips below and look amazing by applying the right makeup on your eyebrows.

1. Do not over pluck your eyebrows. Plucking is necessary to keep your eyebrows in shape. But you should maintain a considerable thickness of your eyebrows all the time. Very thin eyebrows don’t look good. If you pluck your eyebrows, you have to do it on a regular basis. If your give a long gap in shaping your eyebrows it will look odd as the hair will grow faster.

2. Apply castor oil in your eyebrows if they are very thin. Castor oil helps in hair growth. So, regularly apply it in your eyebrows for at least 2 hours. Be careful while applying the oil as the oil should be put on other skin portions.

3. If you think that your eyebrows are light enough, you can apply eyebrow pencils to make it darker and look gorgeous. However, you should blend it beautifully so that the marks of pencil don’t appear easily.

4. You have to brush your eyebrows after applying the makeup. Combing is necessary as it will keep your eyebrows in proper shape. You have to use small combs for that.


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