How to get a grip over Stress

strs Nowadays everything feels tough and tight including the market, your finances, job and many other things that matters most to you, leaving you stressed out. But when times are tough, looking on the brighter side really helps and actually makes life better. Take a time out and involve into such activities as listed below and get a grip over stress easily.

Breathe deeply

When you consciously breathe deeply, it naturally brings your body to a more relaxed state. Put your hand on your stomach, inhale for 3 or 4 counts, and watch your belly rise;
now hold your breathe for the same count, and exhale for as long as you feel comfortable, now see your stomach fall.


Spend about half an hour on aerobic exercise. Doing this will release chemicals and help
you get rid of stress for the whole day. The more you exercise, the more you benefit.


Call your friends, arrange a party and just enjoy. There’s sound evidence that people who spend time with friends have lower levels of cortisol and other stress hormones.


Dancing with a friend or close mate helps foster empathy and reduces anxiety. Put on some good music and shake your body to its tune. Try to see the magic after an hour or so.

Listen to music or read a book

Load your iPod or your phone with playlists of songs that makes you happiest. Or read a good book on a subject that interests you. Harmonious music causes brain waves to keep time and help you relax, whereas getting lost in a book of your own choice will help you remain away from he chaos of life for sometime.

Watch TV or a movie

Watching funny TV show or a movie can help you unwind a lot. Funny events help the reduction of stress hormones and boosts immunity.

Take snaps of your joyful moments

Take pics of sublime and silly moments. Tape up photos of sunset or blowing away balloons. Concentrating on such snapshots will enable the reduction of muscle tension and stabilize heartbeat.

Pamper yourself

A little indulgence in self-love lowers blood pressure and disassociates you from worries. You don”t necessarily have to go to a spa or parlor. Take a warm bath. To make it work better take out 15 minutes from your schedule in office for in-office massage. At your workstation itself, give a massage by moving your fingers in small circular motions over your forehead, scalp, shoulders and the back of your neck.

Make some changes to your daily routine

All work and no play is sure way to frustrate you. Make small changes to your routine life. Take up hobby classes or pick a cuisine you’ve never tried.

Look forward to do something new

As you wake up, think and plan one little thing that gives you pleasure. For e.g., solving a crossword or even smelling a rose! This will aid in making you relax for a bit.

Treat weekday as weekends

Not in every sense, although. Try erasing the idea of Monday blues. Try arranging weekly with lunch with colleagues on Mondays or take up hobby classes or activities of your interest on Mondays. This will help you start your week with more positive energy and help you remain rejuvenated throughout.


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