How to Get a Girl to Like You

likegirl Tired of wondering how to capture the heart of the girl of your dreams? Well, don’t lose heart yet. You’re not the only one. Majority of guys around the world are faced with the same situation. Here are a few tips on how to get a girl to like you.

1. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while trying to attract a girl is that you need to be yourself. No one enjoys fakeness, so not being your real self is like sending out a wrong signal.

2. Introduce yourself to your dream girl if you do not know her yet. A good idea could be to get a common friend introduce you to her. In case you do not have such a friend, you have to sum up the courage yourself to do the introduction.

3. Make sure she notices you. For the first week, greet her with a smile every time you meet. The next week, go one step forward and ask her casual stuff like how she is, or what she’s doing that weekend. Remember, not to ask her anything odd or the same question every day.

4. Try getting friendly with her. Now that you’ve got well acquainted with the girl of your dreams, invite her along with her friends to a party or gathering where you’ll be with your buddies. Try to find out her likes and dislikes, and spend time with her doing things she likes. Drop some hints about your interest in her, but not too directly.

5. Try getting closer to her, emotionally at least. Ask her about her favorite things, and hang out with her more frequently. Try to know when her birthday is, and give her a small surprise gift on her birthday. Drop a hint or two about how you feel about her.

6. Get yourself a makeover if you think you have any problem areas in your appearance, including acne, pimples, stained teeth, etc.

7. Women like men with good sense of humor, so don’t lose the funny streak in you. Poke fun at her at times, but make sure you do not hurt her feelings.

8. Last, but not least, be brave. Ask her out on a date, in a sweet way such that she feels flattered. In case such a move seems to put her off, chances are you’re still some way from your goal. Apologize to her and ask if you could still be friends.


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