How to Get a Fuss Free Home

fuss Does your home attract dust like a magnet? Is your occasional dusting and spring-cleaning just not proving enough? Well, don’t worry. With a few simple makeover tips, you can make your home fuss free, for good. And you no longer have to pick up that duster or mop every now and then.   

1. Floors and Walls

Wooden flooring needs to be waxed often and also risk being scratched by pointed objects. Laminates and vinyl flooring are a better option for easy cleaning and mopping. Cleaning stone or carpet flooring can be quite tedious, so avoid these floorings unless you have ample time and patience.

Use washable paint for your walls. It will cost a little extra, but that’s the price you pay for being able to clean the dirt, stains and marks off your walls.

2. Windows

Cleaning windows with intricate-patterned grills can be quite a pain. Instead, opt for simple grills that can be cleaned easily.

If you live by a busy street, curtain fabrics like suede, velvet, and taffeta are a no-no. Choose curtains in lightweight fabrics like satin, organza and silk instead, or go for easy-maintenance Venetian blinds.

While choosing window panes, buy clear glass ones. This way you can enjoy the natural light, and keep out dust as well.

3. Kitchen

For kitchen counters, settle for nothing other than granite, which is non-porous and does not get stained easily.

Cover the tablecloth of your dining table with a transparent plastic sheet , which will make cleaning up much easier.

4. Furniture

Avoid carved furniture, because it gets real difficult removing dust from the tiny curved spaces.

If you have kids around, go for removable sofa covers instead of fixed upholstery.

5. Toilet

Choose a wall-hung water closet (WC) over a floor-mounted one. It will cost a little extra, but you’ll be able to clean the floor beneath the closet.

Bathroom tiles should be laid and grouted well without gaps. Otherwise, grime tends to accumulate in the gaps.


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