How to get a fair complexion

fcom To have a fair skin, do not expose yourself too much to sunlight.  While going out to work, start off early in the morning, when the sun is not up.  Do not venture out during afternoon.

While going out, apply sunscreen lotion atleast with SPF 30.  For better protection from tan, use a lotion with higher SPF.  Apply the lotion atleast 20 minutes before going out, so that it is absorbed into the skin.

Reapply after 2-3 hours, if you are still in the sun, especially if you are in a beach.  You can also use moisturizers with sunscreen and UV protection.

Wear a cap or use an umbrella while going out.  This will reduce direct sunlight from hitting the face and will prevent sunburn and tan.

For fair skin, you can apply a good quality fairness cream as per the directions of use and benefit from it.  Try using herbal products rather than chemically formulated ones.  You can use fairness soap or face wash too.  However, do not wash your face frequently, since excessive washing can drain away the essential minerals and natural qualities of the skin.

Take assistance of a dermatologist or cosmetics specialist for professional skin lightening treatment.

If you need to go to a party or celebration, a peel off face mask with skin lightening quality may help.  Applying foundation can also lighten the complexion and give the desired result.

For long term results and natural fairness, you can try effective home remedies.  Apply yogurt on the face every morning.  Keep it on for 15 minutes and rinse with water.  It moisturizes the skin, and starts showing positive results, if applied regularly.

A paste of yogurt, honey, turmeric can also be effective.  You can add drops for lemon juice or tomato or cucumber juice to it, for overall skin care.

Aloe vera gel is also effective for skin lightening.  Applying sandalwood paste is another option you can try.


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