How To Get A Desirable Flat Tummy

tummy If you have been trying hard to workout and get into good shape, you may consider it as a big challenge. That is because you do not know how to get a desirable flat tummy. Many people find it very difficult to reduce their waistline and get flat abs. However, there is no need to worry as you have help at hand. You have to practice the right eating habits as well as exercise if you want to have an attractive tummy.

Ditch Your Drinks

If you are a regular alcoholic then you have to cut down your drinks. Alcohol is one of the biggest contributors of excess weight to your tummy area. Try to give it up completely if you wish to see some good results. You can seek medical counsel if you want to get rid of this habit.

Cut the Calories

Many of us have the habit of munching chocolate chip cookies or salted potato chips in the evening or night. Stop this habit immediately because all the sugar from these cookies will have a direct impact on your tummy. After evening avoid sweets and cut off the calories during dinner. Settle for some clear, low fat chicken soup, instead of a full course meal and have it two hours before going to bed. Reduce your intake of fat and carbohydrates as well.

Exercise For A Toned Tummy

Exercise works like magic for your tummy. Even if you lead a busy life you should work-out for half an hour everyday. Balance your work-out with abdominal crunches, sit-ups, toe-touches, stop bicycling, and leg raises. You can start with 15 counts for each exercise and as you build your stamina, you can increase the counts. Simple resistance work-outs and aerobic exercises will also burn fat faster. So, start right now if you want a chain of admirers.


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