How to get a delightful cup of coffee

Coffee or caffeine every one likes to take a sip. Most of us feel incomplete without a cup of it in the morning. Coffee has its soothing and relaxing effects. The best coffee is made up from freshly crushed and powdered beans. Baby beans are very juicy and not as strong in taste like the raw and ripened beans.

I have been taking coffee since my childhood and like the flavor of it a lot. Today various coffee houses and clubs have open up to satisfy the craving of the coffee lovers. I myself go to these coffee houses twice to thrice a week to enjoy the wholesome goodness and taste of the coffee.

Not just the taste coffee ahs some curing effects on the body as well. One cup everyday helps to decrease the chances of cancer. But if taken in excess can degrade the polish of your teeth and cause indigestion or loose motions. To A cup of coffee everyday is a good way to kick off the day. The perfect cup to begin the day has to make perfectly. I will give a wonderful way of making that perfect cup of coffee to begin your day with. I like my cup frothy and creamy.


1. Coffee maker

2. Your favorite coffee mug

3. Fresh Coffee beans

4. Coffee Creamer

5. Coffee filter

6. Sugar

7. Water

8. A Spoon

9. Coffee Pot


Take coffee maker and put in the ingredients. Starting with the water and your coffee beans and set the coffee maker to brew. I normally like my coffee strong so put 3-4 table spoons of grounds to load the grounds to the top line.


Coffee is made to be drunk in mugs, mugs helps to hold the foam and keep it hot for a longer time. Add sugar as per your taste. Pour in the coffee, keeping the space for your cream.


Cream is very important for me. It makes the coffee thick and yummy. Please do not go for powdered cream. Add cream according to your calorie needs, stir it and the wonderful cup of your coffee is ready.

Bhrat Brij

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