How to get a cocktail glass frosted with salt and sugar?

I know having a party or a get-together is such a big opportunity to make new friends and get a reputation amongst them. Thus everything should be just perfect for you and your party; right from your outfit to the serving of the drinks. Yes the drinks served and he way they are served also marks an impression on the people who visit your party.

Thus it is very important that you know how you can do it the best way, to give your party a more professional look you can go for frosting of the glasses. A frosting of salt and sugar, which will not only give the drink a professional touch but your reputation, will also be affected positively. Not only does it look great but what more it really tastes good. It will surely enhance the flavor of your drink. The expensive that you are serving will be aptly supported by the manner of serving them. Not only this you can also add sugar coated lemon slice or even lime in order to garnish the drink. So what more now, just read on further to find out the way how it is done, and then do it in your coming events and enjoy!



Firstly pour quarter cup sugar or salt on the plate. Now the plate should be big according to the rim of the glass , so that the plate fits inside. Now sugar is good with the sweeter drinks, for instance; daquiris, the flavored margaritas, the mojitos, and also the tropical drinks, while salt is best with the margaritas, the salty dogs, also with bloody mary.


Now rub some lime or even lemon onto the rim. Be generous as the juice will allow the salt or the sugars to stick.


Now then frost the edge of the glass with the sugar or the salt by wiggling glass around and thence letting salt and the sugar to coat the glass rim.


Tap the glass in order to knock off extra sugar or salt. Now carefully fill in the drink.

Bhrat Brij

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