How to gain updates about Y2K for protecting small business?

y2 The 2000 millennium bug or Y2K (year 2000) created a huge wave of panic among the all the enterprises spread all across the world. The alarm was brought about by the default setting of the year ending in series 19**. Such a setting of time code was sure to bring about impending consequences on all computer systems had no immediate action been taken to curb it at the earliest.

Before the New Year could begin with the format 01-01-2000, it became imperative for software engineers to come up with a viable solution as quickly as possible to avert dire consequences in the field of information technology.

Thanks to sheer foresight and hard work of software professionals, Y2K failed to materialize. As the owner of small business, you need to be proactive and thus upgrade your systems before hand to overcome such events arising in future.


Step 1 – Gain as much information on Y2K from reliable sources. You need to have a clear picture of the problem before you look for solutions. Forgo any preconceived notions and believe the facts.

Step2 – Go through search engines for information on some small business websites and Y2K to have a look at the viable options that could protect your small enterprise.

Step3 – Search the websites related to information technology to access some links to Y2K that could safeguard your small scale business enterprise.

Step4 – Locate comprehensive details pertaining to Y2K appearing in the esteemed columns of newspapers on the internet to tackle the Y2K problem in the right manner. Make a not of the necessary tips and recommendations for future reference.

Step5 – Always use recently updated information on Y2K. There are umpteen sites providing infinite knowledge on Y2K but you should exercise much prudence and judgment while browsing through these sites. One way is to log on to reputable websites.

Bhrat Brij

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