How to Follow a Fruit Diet Plan

fdt If you want to remove toxins from your body then you can add a fruit diet plan. If you want to have fruits for a few days then you should know how to follow a fruit diet plan. While following such a diet you should select fruits that have low-level of acids. Thus, melons are safe for you.

Fruits to Choose for a Fruit Diet

If you want to eat citrus fruits such as grapefruits and oranges then you should select those that are the sweetest. In the beginning you may suffer from diarrhea by consuming many helpings of fruits.

Don’t worry as your body will be able to adjust to the sudden change in diet. Fruits are good for your health and they have excellent cleansing properties. Select fruits, which are rich in citric acid and vitamin C because they function as very good detoxifiers. When you don’t have mucus-forming food stuff, the lymph glands get an opportunity to detoxify.

In this diet, you don’t have to eat three meals a day. You need to start your day by having a big helping of any high calorie fruit. Thus, you can choose grapes, bananas, or mangos.  This will help in increasing your metabolism for the entire day.

Don’t Quit

How should you begin the fruit diet? For the first three days, you can eat as many fruits as you want to. However, you should also have two big glasses of pure vegetable juice in a day. You should mix a teaspoon of olive oil in the juice.

If you eat as much as fruit as you wish you will be able to restrain the temptation to give up. This is very important because if you quit on the first day then you will never be able to follow the diet. Therefore, enjoy all your favorite fruits. If you feel very hungry then you can opt for fruits such as grapes and bananas.


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