How To Find Out If You Have Rosacea

ros Have you noticed red swollen bumps on various parts of your face? Don’t make the mistake of confusing it with acne. You may be suffering from rosacea. Even though it is not a harmful, you should not ignore it and should begin treatment as soon as possible.

Before you visit your doctor for treatment you should determine how to find out if you have rosacea.  Make sure that you can identify the symptoms as well as signs of rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition.

Symptoms Of Rosacea

The common symptoms and signs include reddish patches on the face, small red pustules or bumps on the nose, forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. The other symptoms include a bulbous inflamed nose known as rhinophyma, little prominent blood vessels on the nose and cheeks, and ocular rosacea, or a burning feeling in the eyes. Those who suffer from rosacea normally have a tendency to flush or blush easily.

Pre-Rosacea Phase

You need to learn another thing about rosacea. This skin condition usually occurs in three particular phases. The pre-rosacea phase is the first one, when you can get rosasea just with the tendency of blushing or flushing within seconds. However, this can transform to a very obstinate redness in the centre of the face, particularly the nose. The facial redness occurs because of dilation of blood vessels, which lie close skin’s surface.

Vascular Rosacea

Vascular rosacea is the next phase when the signs get worse. The third phase is known as inflammatory rosacea when tiny red bumps or pustules can appear. They may spread all through the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.

Rare Cases Of Rosacea

In some rare cases of rosacea, the condition may become so severe that the sebaceous glands surrounding the nose and cheeks may grow big. Thus, there may be a swelling of tissue over the area of the nose, which is known as rhinophyma.


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