How to Find Out About Tummy Fat

tumy You should know how to find out about tummy fat if you want to prevent the health problems associated with it. You can ask your doctor to advice you regarding belly fat and health ailments or you can refer to health magazines. Reduced physical activity and slowed down metabolism can lead to general weight gain as you age.

However, these factors are not responsible for the accumulation of visceral or harmful fat in the abdomen. The main reason behind this is genetics. If people in your family have the predisposition to gain weight in the abdomen then you too can be a victim of the problem.

Belly Fat in Women

Women suffer more because after menopause certain hormonal changes take place in their bodies. As a result, the body stores more quantities of fat in the belly region and also in other parts. However, some women gain a lot of weight just around the mid-section without any weight gain in other parts of the body. Thus, the changes are different in different people.

Harmful Belly Fat

When you gain weight in the midsection then it is not a worry just because your trousers and jeans are becoming tight. It is a worrying factor since additional weight can exert harmful effects on your general wellbeing. Doctors will surely tell you that weight gain in the abdomen is not good and that, you should avoid it. You may be prone to problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, gallbladder problems, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and metabolic syndrome if your belly fat is very prominent.

Did you know that fat cells in the belly fat are very active and they secrete hormones as well as other materials that are harmful for health? Research is being carried out to find out how much of the harmful visceral fat is extremely bad for the body.


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