How to find a file on computer with XP windows?

mwx Our computer has a vast memory and we save a lot of files on it almost daily. If we do not direct the computer and save the file in appropriate place, computer itself stores it in the by default selected drive.

You may have saved a file on computer and might have not used it for a long time. Suddenly you may feel the need of that file. You might have forgotten where you saved it. Since our computer contains huge number of files it is practically impossible to search each and every folder. It will be very time consuming as well.


Step 1

So now, in order to find a file that you are so much looking for easily and quickly, you can choose a shortcut. All you have to do is go to the Start button present on your desktop. Now click on it.

Step 2

From the various options which are available in the list that pops open you will see a at the right hand side, a Search option. Now click on that particular option which will then guide you to a window which would pop open shortly.

Step 3

In the window you will see various options like all files and folder, pictures, music and videos; documents etc. from the list choose for the kind of file you are searching for, and if for instance it is a file or a folder then just click on ‘all files and folders’.

Step 4

You will be asked some information about your file. Fill in the name or date you saved the file on. You can search all drives or select the drive you think you saved the file. Click on search option. Computer will give you the lists of files with that name or date.

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