How to Fight Weight While Taking a Break

wt If you are watching a particular TV soap that is an hour long, you must have noticed that it has about five to six commercials. Now each break generally goes on for three minutes or so. What do you do in these three minutes? You can practice some helpful and simple strengthening moves. If you utilize these breaks then you will not have to go to the gym at all. You can workout at home and remain in shape. Find out how to fight weight while taking a break.

Side Crunches for the Oblique Muscles

If you want to trim your tummy then try these side crunches, which help in working your oblique muscles. Recline on your couch, turning to the left side. Keep your legs joined and bend your knees. Keep your right hand at the back of your head so that your elbow points to the ceiling. Put your left arm on your waist. Try to contract your oblique muscles on your right side and then raise your shoulder so that your rib cage moves toward your hips.

Stay in the position for a few seconds and then come down. You should do it once more and then you can move on to the other side. In case you feel that your couch is very soft then you should do this work out on your floor.

Strengthen your Torso

You will be able to shape your chest and triceps if you try these special pushups. Kneel down on your floor while facing a couch. You should be about two feet away. Keep your hands on the edge of the cushion and they should be shoulder-width apart. After crossing your ankles, bend your arms and bring your upper body down so that your chest comes in contact with the couch. Do this slowly. Repeat it. You can also do some jumping jacks along with this. Do these exercises to burn calories and look beautiful.


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