How to Fight Rosacea

roc1 The true cause of rosacea, which is a common type of skin disease, is not known. However, research is going on this problem so that people can find out more about the reasons. Several researchers believe that some environmental and even hereditary factors are responsible for rosacea. If you can understand the cause then you will be able to learn how to fight rosacea.

Theories Behind the Cause

If anyone in your family suffered from rosacea then you are more likely to get it. Other theories too explain the cause of rosacea. One theory states that if a person suffers from a kind of blood vessel disorder then he or she may suffer from rosacea since this skin condition makes the facial blood vessels to look reddish and enlarge.

Rosacea and Bacterial Infection

According to another theory a chronic form of bacterial infection may be responsible for rosacea. This infection occurs in your gastrointestinal system because of Helicobacter pylori. However, one cannot offer proper proof to validate these theories. Therefore, we cannot say with certainty that all of them are correct.

Rosacea and Alcohol

It has been proven that alcohol-based beverages or alcohol does not result in rosacea. However, if you suffer from rosacea and you consume alcohol then your problem can get worse. Therefore, even if you are a tea-totaller, you can also get rosacea.

Medical Counsel For Rosacea

Rosacea is skin condition that hardly disappears on its own. Therefore, you should know when to seek medical counsel. If you don’t attend to the problem then the condition can drift towards the worse. It may then become quite difficult to treat the condition.

If you find that the facial redness persists for quite some time then you should fix an appointment with a good dermatologist, who will be able to suggest a good treatment. Don’t opt for over the counter medication without asking your doctor. For effective treatment visit the doctor at the earliest opportunity.


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