How to fight emotional abuse

eab By committing yourself to a relationship, you signify that you are ready to accept certain changes in your life. A relationship means living in sync with a person you love. This, in spite of the different personalities you two may have. Your reaction to different situations will be different, as will be your expectations with life.

So, you will have a different take to deal with the same situations. There are bound to be personality clashes in any relationship. For a healthy partnership, both individuals should try and face the situation with maturity. However, many a times it so happens that one partner tends to dominate the relationship. When the domination goes out of hand, it often ends up in emotional abuse.

People in bad relationships often fail to detect emotional abuse, even though they may be very sad in a relationship. Criticizing your partner in public, insulting, making unfair demands, being overtly possessive, making the partner overtly dependent on you, even while making personal choices like dressing and having a strict control over money matters often ends up in making your partner feel emotionally abused.

Emotional abuse, if not checked in time can cause a long lasting emotional scar. If you realize that your partner is taking you for granted and abusing you emotionally, here’s what you must do:

Do not go into a shell: Often, people in unhappy relationships put up a brave front in public and deny that their relationship is in trouble. Do not try to fake things up. Talk with a close group of friends about the emotional trauma you are facing.

Take help from friends, parents: You can confide in your family. This will give you ideas about how to deal with the situation.

Take professional help: Going for a counseling session along with your partner can help. Make your partner understand that you are not happy in the relationship. If his habit of controlling you started only from your being overtly submissive and dependent, chances are he may slowly come to accept that you do not want to be completely dominated all the time.


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