How to Fall Asleep Faster

susl When we don’t get sufficient sleep at night we tend to feel groggy throughout the day. If this is your story too, then you should wake up right now and follow certain tips that will show you how to fall asleep faster.

A Comfortable Bedroom for Sleeping

The first tip is to make your bedroom dark, silent and comfortable at night. To make the room dark you can use dark curtains and eye covers. To cut out noise you can use ear plugs. Set the temperature on the air-conditioner properly. Make the ambiance as comfortable as possible and that will help you.

An Ergonomic Bed

Select an ergonomically designed mattress and comfortable pillows. The mattress should be firm and it should support your back. It should not make you feel as if you are sleeping on soft dough that keeps sinking with your weight.

Nowadays it is easy to find good mattresses. Thus, take some time while buying it. Your pillows should not be feather soft as they will not support the neck. They should be sturdy but not stiff.

Set Your Sleeping Time at Night

Avoid your daytime siestas because you may have difficulty in falling asleep at night then. If you do need to take a nap then you should sleep only for 30 minutes and not more than that.

Don’t sleep after mid-afternoon. If you are working in a night-shift then while sleeping during the day, keep the windows covered to block sunlight.

Sleep When You Are Tired

If you feel tired, then go to bed and switch off the lights. If you find that you are awake even after 20 minutes then try to do something like reading a book or a magazine. When you feel tired, try to sleep again.

Stop worrying about your sleeping problem because that will only make the problem worse. Take a relaxing bath before going to bed since it will lower your body’s temperature and make you feel comfortable.


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