How to face competition

compitition Competition exists everywhere.  Right from a nursery school where a child needs to get admission, to securing a good college, getting a good job and in obtaining promotions and moving up the ladder.  There is also cut throat competition between multinational and business enterprises for more contracts and growth.

Competition cannot be avoided.  It has to be dealt with.  Facing competition with courage and faith is essential to be successful.  Facing competition for the sake of it, will not lead to higher satisfaction and growth.  It has to be taken in a positive spirit.

Firstly, do not fear competition, as it will only drag you down.  Realize that you have to face competition; so not why not give it your best.  Begin preparations early.  Invest time and energy in knowing the nitty-gritty of the area of your work.  Better preparation gives confidence to meet the competition head on.

Do not get bothered by the power of your competitor.  Know their strengths and capacity, however depend upon your own ability and intelligence to deal with them.  Hone your skills and acumen by gaining knowledge and experience.

Do not doubt yourself.  Do not get pressurized by competition.  See competition as an opportunity to grow and evolve.  Do not see it as a burden you have to bear.  Do not give up even before trying.

Keep an open mind and be receptive.  Take ideas from experts and reliable people.  Also, have a positive opinion of yourself and do not underestimate your success and achievements.

Utilise your strengths and abilities.  Harness on what you have best.  Develop a niche for yourself.  However, also be aware of other events that take place around you.  There are many innovations and developments that are taking place.

Take the plunge when you see an opportunity.  Have a good strategy.  Planning and strategizing is very important in the face of tough competition.

Do not convert competition into rivalry.  Let there be healthy competition.  Be professional while dealing with competition, however, have regard for the skills and efforts of your competitors.  Do not consider competitors to be your enemy.


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