How to explore Ahmedabad?

ahh When you are in India, there are lots of places to visit. India is a vibrant country with different languages and cultures. One of India’s most sought-after cities is Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is in Gujarat State located at west-most side of the country. It is largest (population wise) city of Gujarat and is called as India’s Manchester. Once upon a time, the city had more than 100 cloth mills.

The city now booms with lots of shopping malls, multiplexes and gardens. Local public, gujaratis are famous for their hilarious nature and they are fond of outings. You may find lots of good hotels and restaurants across the city to get mouthwatering meals. They serve continental, Gujarati, South Indian, North Indian and Chinese.

In order to know how to explore Ahmedabad, you have to learn that this city is not so big to take any ‘Ahmedabad Sightseeing’ since it has tourist spots that you can take your private cab. The spots are not too far away from each other. Some of the important spots include ‘Siddi Saiyad Artwork’ that includes micro-embroidery on the marble stone. Then you have Lal-Darwaja wherein you can bargain and shop almost all household items and apparels.

The city has come up with ‘science city’ and other attractions such as Akshardham (in Gandhinagar, 30 km away from Ahmedabad) which is one of the biggest temples in India.  Ahmedabad was a land of Mahatma Gandhi where he established Sabarmati Ashram. You can have a visit over there and can discover the father of the nation’s lifestyle and various art-works.

Another sightseeing place is Joolta Minara (literally means- the towers that swing!). However, the ride has been closed since many years, these specially designed minaras (towers) are somehow connected with each other since if someone climbs up and shakes it the other too gets shook up!

There is a disappointment for those who drink and are pure non-vegetarians! Gujarat is the only state in India that has officially banned liquor across the state and Ahmedabad is not left. Also, most of the public are vegetarians and hence, it is a bit difficult to find a non-vegetarian hotel.


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