How to Enrich your Diet with Vitamin B

Vitamins play a crucial role in keeping our health on track. However, you must know different functions of the different vitamins. The absence of any of the vitamins can cause serious illness. If your body lacks the required amount of a certain vitamin, that can also be a serious health problem. Vitamin B complex has a lot of important functions in our body. So you must be careful about the intake of this vitamin. The following tips will give you an idea about the sources of the vitamin B.

Vitamin B helps you to keep your digestive functions and metabolic activities at par. If the vitamin doesn’t get absorbed in the right amount, it may cause diseases like beriberi. However, vitamin B complex includes more than one B vitamins. In fact, there are eight vitamins in this group of vitamin. These are B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and B15.

To get vitamin B1 or Thiamin you have to add lots of cereals, peas, breads (fortified), meats and fishes. It keeps your nervous system healthy and also protects the hear muscles.

Vitamin B2 can be found in the foods like eggs, dairy products, nuts, green vegetables, broccoli, meat, peas and cereals. B2 is required for the wellbeing of your vision and also for the growth of the red blood cells.

Red meat, fish, poultry and cereals are great sources vitamin B3. This particular B vitamin has an important function to maintain a healthy skin and a healthy nervous system.

Foods that are enriched with vitamin B6 are red meat, fish, eggs, bananas, seeds, beans, potatoes, cereals, nuts, and spinach.

On the other hand, milk, cheese, cereals, fish, red meat and eggs are the rich sources of vitamin B12. This B12 vitamin is actively involved in making the red blood cells.


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