How to Enjoy the Advantages of Banana

banana2 If you are thinking which is one of the most useful fruits in the whole world then it is banana. When it is ripe you can eat it as it is by peeling it and when raw you can cook it as a vegetable. In fact the banana plant is so versatile that many people in Asian countries cook the plant’s stems and flowers just like vegetables. If you are wondering how to enjoy the advantages of banana then you need to read on.

Instant Energy from Bananas

If you are looking for instant energy then you can consume a ripe banana, which offers nearly 107 calories that you get mostly from carbohydrates. If you suffer from problems of digestion and gastritis then you can consume a banana as it neutralizes the effect of the acidity caused by gastric juices. Those suffering from ulcerative colitis will find help by eating bananas. It can also ease the irritation caused by stomach ulcers by covering the stomach’s lining.

Bananas are Good for All

Bananas also protect the stomach lining from problems caused by alcohol, hydrochloric acid, drugs, toxins, and infectious agents. If you eat bananas then you can safeguard yourself against lung cancer, colo-rectal cancer, and oral cancer. As bananas are simple to digest, they are excellent as weaning food in case of infants.

Elderly people should have bananas in order to protect themselves from strokes. The fruit is a good source of potassium, which is excellent for regulating blood pressure and heartbeat.

Prevent Kidney and Stomach Ailments

If you want to avoid kidney disorder then you should include banana in your diet because it has a high content of carbohydrate and low content of salt and protein. Bananas can offer relief in cases of both constipation and diarrhea because the fruits have pectin, which absorbs water.


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