How to Enjoy Picnic at Veli Tourist Village

vv Veli tourist village is located at a distance of 7 km from Thiruvananthapuram city, Kerala State, India. It is a famous picnic spot. It is mostly crowded during holidays and weekends.

The main tourist attractions are children’s park, horse riding, boating in the Veli waters, beautiful artwork on stone and nearby beach. Veli is situated very near to Airport. It is open or visitors from 8 AM in the morning to 6 PM in the evening. A youth hostel is located close to Veli.

The entrance to the Veli village is narrow. You can buy the ticket by paying Rs 5/person at the ticket counter on the right side. Stonework of Kanayi Kunjiraman is the first one to see when you take a right turn on entering the tourist village.

It is very nice to watch. Kanayi nicely call it as sunset. Watch abandoned children’s slider pool after moving towards right end of the Park. It was not properly maintained. Don’t allow your children to play there, as they may get cholera or other disease.

You will find exceptional coconut trees by the side of a pool after moving a bit. It is believed that coconuts maintained close to humans give more coconuts when compared with coconut trees away from humans. It is a wonder.

You will find Kunjiraman’s grass artwork on the left side of the fish pool. You can watch some of the fishes in the fish pool. You can also see a provocative and nude artwork of a woman on the beach.

Also go to the boat jetty. You need to buy ticket to enjoy speed boating. Go for peddle boating if you need privacy. A pigeon cage is located at this place. You need to pay Rs 750 for high speed boat. It carries six persons at a time.

You also hire safari boating, which goes up to Akulam Bridge, for wonderful experience. You can watch exotic species. You can buy drinks and food from the nearby shops. Don’t drink coconut water, as it seems to be diluted.

After walking for few minutes you can enjoy the seaside. A floating restaurant operated by KTDC can be visited on the way. The service is not good and prices of food are on the higher side.

Veli is one of the best picnic spots. The best time to visit is either in the evening or morning.

How to reach

The local state road corporation operates number of buses from the city to Veli. You can also hire an auto or taxi.


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