How to enjoy Dead Sea experience

sea The Dead Sea is not a sea, but a saltwater lake on the border between Israel and Jordan; its surface is around 1292 feet below sea level. The Dead Sea is a popular tourist spot that attracts millions of vacationers, pilgrims, and medical tourists from all over the world.

It is visited by the rich and the famous as a winter spot, due to the availability of sunshine almost the whole year. The Dead Sea has tremendous historical significance. It is mentioned in the Holy Bible. It was here that Abraham walked 3000 years ago.

The Dead Sea is endowed with therapeutic qualities by way of mineral deposits. The mud of the sea is used for mud baths and massages by local resorts. Dead Sea contains a high concentration of magnesium, which is a mineral with properties to enhance metabolism of skin cells. Therefore, you will find a range of cosmetics being sold at shops close-by, and these cosmetics are generally highly rated.

Floating in the Dead Sea is an amazing experience. There are some things to be taken cognizance of before venturing into the sea. They are as follows.

1) Nobody swims in the Dead Sea, rather they float in it. Never dive into the sea. You will be inundated with salt in your eyes and mouth. It can be painful. While you are in try to keep your face of the water.

2) If you have bruises on your body, then the salt water will cause it to pain more. In a way it is also good for your cuts. Keep some bottles of fresh water ready, in case you have to wash your face.

3) Wear worn-out or old bathing suits. The salt water has the effect to discolor clothes, so why waste new clothes?

4) Wear sturdy shoes. The shoreline is covered with salt and will scrape your feet. Even the salt on the seabed is rough. It will surely cause harm to your feet if they are naked.


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