How to Enjoy Dark Chocolate

dch Dark chocolate is good for health and you can include it in your diet to lose unwanted belly flab. This kind of chocolate has healthy fats in it, which can help you lose weight.

There are various interesting ways in which you can enjoy dark chocolate. Find out how to enjoy dark chocolate and discover some simple recipes.

Chocolate Smoothie with Cherry

This recipe is very simple and you need to whip together one cup of frozen cherries, one cup of fat-free milk, quarter cup of semi-sweet dark chocolate chips, and three ounces of fat-free vanilla yogurt. You should combine these to get a smooth mixture. Your smoothie is ready and you can enjoy it chilled. You will get about 402 calories from this smoothie.

Chocolate and Banana Dessert

You need to mix together slices of half a small banana; some unsweetened fat-free yogurt and quarter cup of semi-sweet dark chocolate chips. Your chocolate and banana dessert is ready and you will get 352 calories from it.

Cherry and Chocolate Delight

You can also try this simple dark chocolate recipe. Stir together quarter cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, half cup of whole grain breakfast cereal, and one ounce of dried cherries. You should also drink half cup of fat-free milk. You will get a total of 429 calories.

Cottage Cheese and Chocolate

When you mix chocolate with cottage cheese it tastes delicious. Toss quarter cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, quarter cup of sliced strawberries, and one cup of fat-free cottage cheese. Add some chopped mint leaves for extra flavor. This dish gives you 379 calories.

Waffle with Dark Chocolate and Blueberry

To make this wonderful and yummy dish you need a toasted frozen waffle made of whole grain. Add some quarter cup of semi-sweet dark chocolate chips. Now set your oven to 350°F and keep the waffle inside it. You should heat until the chocolate chips melt slightly. Add two ounce of fat-free vanilla yogurt and quarter cup of blueberries to enjoy.


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