How to Enjoy Beach Holiday in Jamaica

jamaica It is really difficult to avoid the mesmerizing charm of the white sandy beaches of Jamaica. Be it a romantic walk with your loved or playing beach cricket these beaches are just ideal for all of these. You can witness the Jamaican sunrise from its beaches during this vacation. Read this article to know how you can have a blast here this vacation.

About Jamaica

This is one of the major countries close to the Caribbean Sea. This country is situated in the south of Cuba. The original name of the place was Xaymaca, which meant the “Land of Wood and Water” or the “Land of Springs”. This country was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494 made it a Spanish colony. Later in 1655 it came under the rule of Britain. This country gained independence in 1962.

How to Reach

There are two main airports in this country. One of them is in Kingston known as Norman Manley International Airport and the other is in Montego Bay. This second one is called Sangster International Airport. You will get international flights for this Caribbean country from United Kingdom and other major countries. The road and train facilities here are also quite developed.

Beaches to Visit

The number of beaches that you will find in Jamaica is too many to count. You can spend your time in the beaches of Montego Bay, Kingston, and Ocho Rios.

Montego Bay, perhaps, has the most famous beaches of Jamaica. Many of its beaches are ideal for spending some fun filled time with your family. You can visit the AquaSol Theme Park and do rest assure your children will have a great time here. Apart from swimming in the safe environment your child can take the pleasure of other activities like go carting and tennis.

If you are visiting Ocho Rios then don’t forget to take a trip of the Island Village. Your family member will like the beach here. You can also enjoy a movie in the cinema hall available here.

Party animals can try out the James Bond Beach in Oracabessa. This is the perfect place to enjoy a night full of entertainment, drinks, and music. Enjoy the beauty of the ocean while listening to the tunes of reggae. Like the name of the famous fictional secret agent this beach too is irresistible.

Your next destination could be the Long Bay. It is in Negril. This bay is 7 miles long and has a series of bars on the beach. Each one of these bars serves good quality cocktails and other drinks.

If you want to spend some time alone appreciating the beauty of the Caribbean Sea then you should head for Lime Cay. It is not far from the coast of Kingston. This place is also good for snorkeling. Another secluded place is the Frenchman’s Cove.

Your beach holiday would not be complete until you take a trip of the Boston Beach. Here you can play various games.


There are many resorts and hotels near these beaches. You can board either a luxury or a less expensive accommodation. Apart from easy access to the beaches the luxury hotels here provide some other interesting facilities.

Beach holiday in Jamaica will definitely satisfy your romantic spirit. These beaches are also idea for honeymooners.


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