How to Enjoy at Perran Sands Beach

perran Are you planning to visit Cornwall in southwestern England? Make sure you visit Perran Sands Beach, which is one of the longest sandy beaches in this region. It is also one of the beast beaches in the country, where you can relax and have a great time. Find out how to enjoy at Perran Sands Beach.

A very extraordinary thing about this fascinating beach is that it gets split into two beaches during high tide. Towards the northern part, this beach is known as Perran Sands but on the town end side it is referred to as the Perranporth Beach. This surely sounds very interesting.

Activities at Perran Sands Beach

You will definitely fall in love with this scenic and romantic beach since your eyes will lead you to golden sand all around you. This place is very good for those who love adventure. If you are one of them then you will be happy to know that this place offers a range of amazing activities such as horse riding and surfing and you can also play beach volleyball.

Enjoy At Perran Sands Beach

One of the most popular areas for kite surfing is Perran Sands beach and here you can indulge yourself in all that you want to do. If you plan to visit this beach in summer then you should know that the temperatures remain approximately between 25 to 30°C. However, in winter, the air temperatures can fall to 0°C, but the as far as the water temperatures are concerned, they do not drop below 10°C. That is because of the flow of the warm Gulf Stream. Therefore, you should remember to pack your warm clothes if you want to visit the beach in the cold months.

How to Reach Perran Sands Beach

If you are flying to this beach from London, then you will be able to find a number of budget flights. The airport that is located closest to this beach is Newquay. In case you are taking flights from other airports of England then Plymouth will be the nearest airport. From there you can make your way to Newquay.


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