How to Enjoy at Kynance Cove

kcb Kynance Cove is one of the greatest places for all those tourists who seek out for the finest beaches in the whole world. This fascinating beach of England is situated near the famous Lizard Point in Cornwall.

Did you know that this charming destination has been much loved by tourists from various parts of UK as well as the world since the 18th century? Find out how to enjoy at Kynance Cove.

How to Reach Lizard

Lizard is quite reputed because it is the southernmost positioned tip of the mainland of Britain. It also has a number of interesting sightseeing attractions. If you want to visit the Cove in Lizard here is what you need to do. Start moving from Helston Town by taking the A3083 south route. Before stopping at Lizard, you have to take a right turn. This will take you to the cove that is situated approximately two miles away in the northern portion of Lizard Point.

Explore Kynance Cove

You will love the wonderful expanse of white sand in Kynance Cove and it is famous for this feature. You will never get tired of spending long hours in making beautiful sand castles here. If you want, you may lie down on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking view of aquamarine water.

Just move around to discover colorful islands, caves, meandering rocks, and many other attractions surrounding the place. The place offers rare botanical flowers and other plants. Walk around and discover the flowers in full bloom. Don’t forget to take your camera with you so that you can click pictures of these beautiful flowers.

Enjoy the Cafe at Kynance

Just near the beach, you will be able to find a number of useful facilities. Behind this gorgeous cove, you will find Kynance Cafe. It has been pleasing tourists with its service since the 1920s. When the National trust took control of the cafe in 1999 then it renovated the cafe and made certain changes to perk up the services. The result is that today tourists enjoy the service of an enhanced cafe and take pleasure in all its improved treats.


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