How to Enjoy at Barafundle Bay

bfr Barafundle Bay is positioned along the magnificent Pembrokeshire Heritage Coast in a beautiful part of South Wales. The inhabitants of this region call this beach the alluring ‘Jewel in the Crown’.

It is given such a name of because of its charming beauty. You have to see this place in order to believe how picturesque it is. Read on to discover how to enjoy at Barafundle Bay.

Stroll On an Unspoiled Beach

If you love to amble on unspoiled beaches and have fun in warm water then you will surely adore this English beach. Did you know that it is one of the most stunning beaches not only throughout Pembrokeshire but also in the UK? This far-off location combines the beauty of transparent water and a large expanse of captivating golden sand.

There is just one way to get to the beach and it is through a fantastic cliff path. Then the descent becomes very steep and you have to move while passing through woodlands as well as dunes.

Visit the Stackpole Estate

At present, the National Trust is responsible for looking after the beach and it also owns it as well. The beach can be found close to a place called the Stackpole Estate that was the dwelling of Earls of Cawdor, once upon a time. Thus, you can also visit a historic place while visiting this beach.

Ideal Location for Couples

The beach is extremely popular among newly-wed couples because it has a very calm and silent environment. It is an ideal location for couples who want to relax in peace and spend their time without any disturbance. They will love the natural environs of this place.

When you wake up in the morning you will be able to listen to the sound of the waves. When you just want to stroll on the beach you can gather tiny sea-shells from the beach. Thus, you will have lovely and cute mementos with you.


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