How to Enjoy and Practice Meditation

practice Would you like to meditate on your own? Find out how to enjoy and practice meditation at home or anywhere else and get set to enjoy all its benefits. The following tips will help you to meditate, whenever you want to. Choose a time when you can feel completely relaxed, be it morning or at night. You can mediate as long as you like or spend just a few minutes.

Chant a Mantra

You need to repeat a mantra while mediating. This will help you focus better. If you don’t know which mantra to choose, then you can come up with your own mantra that can be either secular or religious. You can also repeat the name of the God whom you worship.

Pray and Meditate

One of the best forms of meditation is through prayers. This is practiced widely throughout the world. You can start praying on your own, by using your own words. In most religions, there are written as well as spoken prayers. Thus, you can also use these prayers. Consult your spiritual leader to find resources on meditation prayers. You can also search bookstores to find books on mediation and prayers.

Meditation while Walking

Are you looking for a healthy and efficient way of relaxing? Then you can mix meditation along with a walk. This method is great at any place. You can walk in your city’s park, in the shopping mall or in a quiet forest and also meditate at the same time. Now while following this technique you should not choose a specific destination.

You need to reduce your pace so that you can concentrate on the movements of your feet and legs. Focus on every movement of walking, starting from the lifting of your foot to placing the foot down again. The movement should become like a rhythm that you need to follow.


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