How To Enjoy A Tour Of Pench National Park

pench Do you love to see wild animals? If yes, you can go to Pench National Park that is located on the boundary of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. This park is famous for its amazing flora and fauna that you can explore! Though Pench had been confirmed as a notified area in 1972, it was turned into a wildlife sanctuary in 1982. Today, the Pench National Park is also known as the 19th Tiger Reserve in India and it keeps a wide range of wild animals along with tigers.

The Location Of Pench National Park

The park is located in the Senoi district of Madhya Pradesh and it runs in extension with Pench National Park of Maharashtra. You can easily reach to the park as it’s well connected with the road system to other significant places of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Flora Of The Pench National Park

The park has big forests in each and every direction. Since the climate of this area is tropical with warm summer and cold winter, you can view a blend of hot dry deciduous teak and southern tropical varied deciduous along with shrubs, plants and creepers. The shrubs and grasses found in the region are also utilized for medical purposes.

Fauna Of the Park

You can view a wide range of wild animals here as the park is rich in fauna. Some animals living in this park include wild pig, nilgai, chital, gaur and four horned antelope. The park also has an array of birds and you can find around 125 species of birds, such as barbets, bulbuls, minivets orioles, wagtails, mynas, waterfowls and blue kingfishers. The Pench Park is also a habitat of crocodiles and fresh water turtles.

How To Reach The Pench National Park

You can reach the park by road, by rail or by air as the park is well connected to Mumbai and other places in Madhya Pradesh.


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