How to Enjoy a Sound Dreamless Sleep

Are you sick of interrupted, short nap sleep? Do you wanna enjoy a deep, dreamless sleep. Start working on it! Nothing can be as refreshing as this dream of dreamless, deep long nap.Sip a hot cup of milk. Avoid having your dinner after 9pm. Prefer to have it by 8 o’clock. Don’t do exercise at night. Your metabolic rate increases for few hours after gyming. Delight in a hot shower before going to bed. Pamper yourself with some aromatic oil like sandalwood, lavender or marjoram. This will relax both your body and mind.
Massage your feet with lukewarm mustard oil. As your foot has nerve-endings, it will release muscle tension and help in loosing mental and physical fatigue. Foot massage also induces sound sleep. Pat dry the feet aftee massage with paper towels or tissue paper.

Beware of sleep loss! Slip into a loose, comfortable night-suit to ensure your body is completely relaxed. Now, step into your bedroom and gauge how relaxing is the atmosphere of the room. Check the colours of your curtains and walls per the colortherapy. Play on sleep inducing music on your iPOD before slipping into your comforter. There are plenty of such CDs available in the market. Ensure that there are no distracting gadgets around, like televison, computer, CD player or playstation in the room. If sound of your bedside clock disturbs you, try earplugs or replace it with a digital clock. The room must be decked with right colours and accessories like lamps and gadgets. These things help inducing sleep. Turn your room into a comfortable den, where you can spread your arms and relax after a long hectic day.

Switch off the night lamp, before sleeping. If you notice some rays of light trespass from the window cervices, wear your eye mask. Then lie down with eyes closed. Now practice deep breathing, relaxing your mind and body.


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