How to energize yourself instantly

energize There are times when we feel suddenly drained out and exhausted.  The mind refuses to work, there is no concentrate or focus, there is loss of stamina.  Due to this sudden feeling of exhaustion, you feel like you may drop down any time and there is a sudden numbness and weakness in the body.

At this time, negative thoughts also penetrate the mind.  You feel like you cannot carry on further, you tend to quit or give up easily, you doubt your health and feel insecure about it, or may feel extremely frustrated and may want to abandon everything you are doing.  Such symptoms could be an indication of loss of energy.

To keep going, you need to energize yourself quickly.  One method is to use supplements/food to boost your energy levels.  Other method is to control your mind and reenergize it.  This will help in getting you on your feet again.

However, this cannot be a permanent solution, as these symptoms could also be a medical condition caused by low hemoglobin and lack of other essential minerals in the body.

Natural sugars help in giving instant energy.  Therefore, you may eat food or fruits that contain natural sugars like glucose or fructose.  Fruits are a good source of natural sugar, especially grapes.  A glass of fresh fruit juice will help.

You may also use energy drinks like glucon-D or glass of electral solution containing essential sugar, salt, electrolytes and minerals.

You can also munch on high energy giving foods like dry fruits or a bar of chocolate.  Eating a nutritious and filling food can also energise you.

Another method is to recharge the batteries of your exhausted and burdened mind.  Relaxing the mind can be very helpful in recovering your lost energy.  Find a room which is secluded and calm.  Lie down comfortably and repeat the words ‘relax’, ‘calm down’ etc, or breathe slowly and just concentrate on your breathing.  Keep the mind blank.

You may fall into in short sleep and wake up after 20-30 minutes feeling really energized and active.  Such short naps or power sleep helps in overcoming the feeling the tiredness and exhaustion.


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