How to Encourage Your Man to Cook

cooking The time has gone when it was only women who cooked the meals and men were always outside the kitchen. Today, you will see lots of male chefs in various corners of the world. Not only professionally, men also have started taking cooking as a hobby in personal lives.

Lucky are those women who get to taste delicious dishes made by their husbands and boyfriends. If you are not one of those lucky ladies, don’t be sad. Here are some effective tips that will guide you to encourage your man to enter the kitchen and try his hand in some dishes for you. Check out these yips and enjoy the delicious preparation.

When you prepare a new dish, ask him how does he like it? While eating together at home, tell him about the recipe in an interesting way. Tell him how you got to learn the recipe and how much you were excited to prepare the dish. Make him feel eager to try his hand on it someday. Tell him that it is very easy to prepare.

Sometimes discuss about your male friends and husbands of your friends who cook well and help their spouses in the kitchen. Don’t talk in a complaining manner, but discuss with him in a friendly way that you would also like to taste his recipe sometimes.

If he prepares any dish on a special day, praise him. Appreciate his attempt and tell him you are flattered to taste his preparation, which is very tasty as a debut dish of your husband. Encourage him to do more such experiments. It will excite him and also encourage him to keep on trying different types of food preparations.

Treat it like a game and sometimes arrange a sort of competition between you two to judge who cooks better. It will add a little excitement in cooking and will definitely draw his attention towards the kitchen.


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