How to Eat Healthy For a Tight Tummy

eathealthy A flabby tummy looks awful and it does not allow you to wear properly fitted dresses. If you wear them your bulge becomes more prominent. Now if you can’t manage to find time for workouts in your hectic schedule, there is no need to feel depressed.

Enrich your diet with healthy fat or MUFA, which is also known as mono unsaturated fatty acid. You can find MUFA in olives, different seeds, nuts, and even dark chocolate. Find out how to eat healthy for a tight tummy.

Cottage Cheese Surprise

Olives can help you to reduce your tummy. Make sure that you enjoy olives in the right manner. Slice ten big black olives. Mix them with one cup of finely chopped red bell pepper and half cup of cottage cheese. Choose the fat-free version of cottage cheese.

Enjoy this with six little crackers made of whole wheat. After eating this dish have a medium-sized apple to keep you full. You can also pack this meal for your office break. It will make sure that you don’t grab any unhealthy junk food.

Red Meat Sandwich

If you feel like have having some solid protein with olives then you can make yourself a red meat sandwich. You have to lightly toast two slices of whole wheat bread. Spread some green olive tapenade. Then add some organic red meat. Your sandwich is ready. You can also have a medium-sized pear with this dish. This sounds like a yummy way to tighten your tummy.

Egg Delight

That is not all. Those who love eggs can prepare this amazing Spanish-style dish. For this you need to fry the egg white of one full egg in just about one teaspoon of olive oil. On top of this add about half a cup of salsa and then toss slices of ten big green olives. Enjoy this delicacy with a medium sized whole wheat tortilla. Your Spanish-style egg with tortilla is ready.


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