How to Ease Butt Cramps

butt It’s really hard to concentrate when you are dealing with butt cramps, especially if you don’t know why you have them. Although butt cramps are usually the result of too much sitting or too much or too little exercising, if you notice that they are becoming increasingly common you should call your doctor and get an x-ray of your lower spine.

Sometimes the butt cramps are actually caused by a slipped disc in your spine. If the x-ray shows that there is nothing medically wrong with your spine, you can try using some very simple exercises to relieve your butt cramps.

Stretch the Cramp Out

The good news is that the exercise to work out your butt cramps is a relatively simple one. The first step is to find a nice flat place, like the floor, to sit. Sit on the floor and close your eyes. Allow your body to relax and imagine all of the tension slipping from your body,

After you feel at ease, you should grab your left knee with both hands and try to lift it to your right shoulder. Experiment with the angle of your hip until you feel the cramped muscle starting to stretch. Once you find the perfect angle for stretching the tight muscle, hold your leg in place for twenty to thirty seconds. Make sure you keep taking deep steady breaths the entire time you are stretching your butt cramp.

After thirty seconds, allow yourself to relax. Sit and focus on your breathing for thirty seconds before repeating the entire exercise. You will want to go through the sequence three or four times and then call it quits for a while. If you still have a butt cramp, you should repeat the entire exercise in three or four hours.

Change Your Diet

If you find that your posterior is constantly cramping, you should take a hard look at your diet.  Try eating foods that are high in protein, potassium, selenium, and vitamin C. Dehydration is another reason muscles will cramp. If the cramping is a regular thing, you should try drinking less soft drinks and more glasses of water.


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