How to Dry the Special Clothes

dsc All your clothes are not made of the same fabrics. Every material is different and fabric varies from one cloth to other. So, you must take special care of the special garments.

Cleaning and drying are two very important factors behind the maintenance of the clothes. If you don’t clean and dry them properly, the clothes would lose their original shine and would look dull. The delicate clothes should not be dried carelessly.

First you need to know whether the cloth should be dried in the sun or in the shades or in the dryer machine. Here are some very useful guidelines on how to dry the special and delicate clothing. Check out the tips and you will surely get benefitted.

1. Always read the tag of the clothes before cleaning them. Whether the fabric should be dried in the sun or in the dryer is always suggested in the tag of the cloth. Follow those instructions and maintain your garments properly.

2. If you think the fabric of a particular dress can lose it colors, you should never wash it with other clothes and also never dry it in the scorching sun. The color sometimes gets fade in the sun. So you should hang the cloth in the shades and let it dry with the breeze.

3. Some garments are not allowed to dry in the dryer machines. In that case you have to hang those clothes in the open air. If there is no chance of fading colors, you can hang the cloth in the sun so that it dries fast. Try to hang it by keeping the inside part out in the sun, so that the colors doesn’t face the sun directly.

4. If it is a cotton cloth, you should always iron the dress after drying it. In case the dress doesn’t dry properly in the sun or in the air, ironing will help it to dry.


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