How to drive your car to get more mileage

carmilage In modern city driving maximum energy of the car gas go wastage by accelerating and applying breaks frequently. This leads to decrease in fuel efficiency and subsequently heavy on your monthly fuel budget. If you are travelling by car everyday, it is very important to take care of your car mileage. You can reduce upto 25% of your monthly fuel bill. But for that you need to follow certain procedures.

Avoid harsh driving

While driving in city roads, try to avoid harsh driving. Aggressive acceleration and sudden breaking causes lots of fuel energy to go waste. Smooth and steady acceleration and anticipated slow breaking is ideal for city traffic.

Red lights & idling

While you are driving your car in the city, you will come across lots of traffic signals and you will face red light in some of the signals. When you see a red light in advance you slow down your car speed, you may get it green while still moving. This will help you to avoid idling.

While standing at red light, if you anticipate that you have to stand more than one min, it will be ideal to stop your engine. Because idling means loss of energy.

Driving at highway

While driving at highway, try to drive your car with in 50MPH. As your car gives optimal fuel efficiency at lower engine RPM, driving more than 50MPH reduces fuel efficiency of your car drastically. When you drive your car at a very high speed, the maximum energy required to overcome the air resistance. In fact the energy consumption rises by square of the speed. So try to avoid roof rack and remove unnecessary materials from your car boot.

Check tire pressure

Try to use the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Tire pressure has a great effect on the mileage of your car.


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