How to dress up for your workplace

dressup Dressing creates an impression about the kind of person you are.  Your dressing is important especially in office, so that you come across as a professional and respected person in your organization.  Along with a sense of authority, it should give an impression of a pleasant and approachable person.  Dressing definitely has an important role to play, as it may bring out or beat your personality.  

You may like to stick to a conventional dressing while at office.  Generally organizations insist on a dress code.  Do your best to stick to it so that you are not spotted as an attention seeker or violator of code.

Be comfortable in your dressing so that you do not feel awkward or restricted.  If the dress code is trousers and shirts, you could choose from various popular brands that sell good quality outfits.  You can also buy a good quality material and get your clothes stitched so that you feel comfortable and confident.

Wear colours like light shades of green, blue, pink or colours like black, brown, navy blue, gray, white so that you have a professional and authoritative look.  Avoid loud colours like orange, bright red or yellow.  It gives a casual or easygoing appearance and is not really advisable on weekdays.

On weekends, if jeans and t-shirts are allowed, you may like to dress up in these colours to give a cheerful and fun atmosphere for the weekend.

Take care of the size and fitting of the clothes.  Do not wear oversized clothes.  It may make your personality look lousy and unattractive.  At the same do not wear tight fitting, skin hugging clothes.  It may not create a pleasant and right view about you among the employers and co-workers.

Match your shirt and trousers well; do not go in for odd colour combinations that create a low opinion about your style and dressing.


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