How to dress up for a formal meeting?

fdr A sprucely dressed personality attracts a lot of attention from others. Dressing sense plays a determinant role when future repercussions are based on just initial meetings.

Kind of dressing depends on the temperament of the clients, hour of the day, personal taste and preferences etc. One should choose an outfit that highlights one’s persona. It is not always to wear an expensive designer clothing to impress prospective business associates. The bottom line is that one should wear an outfit that he she can carry off without much hassle.

Follow the instructions given below to know better:

1.    Fabric texture – choose a fabric according to the weather. E.g. fine mercerized cotton blends are better to beat the heat of a summer day on the other hand woolen fabric is more appropriate for winters.

2.    Cut, fall and fit: select a proficient designer who can make a masterpiece of the fabric to fit your body frame with cuts and design that exude your character. One can also go for the available tailor made suits if there is shortage of time.

3.    Color and design: Opt for a color that makes you look professional. Do not go in for bright colors for a day meeting. Female executives or bosses should ensure that they accessorize themselves with minimal jewelry and wear nude shades of cosmetics for a day meeting. For late evening meetings, one can always go for a light shimmering outfit.

4.    Quality and brand – the quality of the fabric need not be the most expensive top of the class but it should definitely not be of an inferior quality. Low quality fabric even if stitched by a professional will not give the right look.

5.    Finish: Finesse is all the most important aspect of any wardrobe. This shows your insight for detail.

Bhrat Brij

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