How to draft a good Letterhead for my company?

lth There is a saying that goes ‘first impression is the last impression’. Indeed, it takes so much for a company to maintain its brand image and credentials. A company is enjoys a separate legal entity and is more or like an individual carrying on business.

An organization deals with a whole lot of people within and outside the business premises – employees, clients, customers, distributors, advertisers etc. The company has to constantly establish trust with people it is associated with on a regular basis. Most of the time a company has one opportunity at its disposal.

It can either make it or let go of it. On such occasions the company has to do all it takes to cast a positive impression in the minds of the people.  A well designed letterhead is one of the most used documents to create an impression. You too can have your own effective letterhead. Just read these tips and find out:

1.    Create a design or for you letter as this is the most time consuming aspect in preparing a company letter head. Try to give it a unique pattern that not only has the name of your company but is also attractive at the same time.

2.    Place the order with a contact letter head manufacturers to decide the budget and the number of letter heads to be printed. At this stage specify the exact quality of paper you are looking for.

3.    Give specifications with regard to the colour, quantity and the prints that you would like to have on the letter heads.

4.    Include adequate information such as the company name with address and contact numbers, websites etc. in the header and footer of the body of the letterhead.

Once you have taken care of all these aspects your letter head is sure to cast a definite impact on the people.

Bhrat Brij

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