How to Download a Song From the Internet

song Technology has developed a lot and we are able to do anything and everything through the internet, the ultimate invention of science. Nothing is away from us anymore. Whatever you want you get through the internet. You can watch a film free of cost in the internet, you can listen to music, you can download files like movies, music and any kind of games etc from the internet.

Downloading a song from the internet is very easy and anyone can do that with just one click on the mouse. You just have to follow some steps for that. Here are some very useful tips on how to download a song from the internet in your machine. Check out the guidelines and enjoy the song free of cost while working on your machine.

1. First you need to search for a website that provides free download facilities of songs. In any search engine, you can type your required keyword and then choose one according to your need. Or else you can also look for the specific song in the internet.

2. After selecting the website you have to choose the particular movie and then the particular song of that movie or any song that you need to download. If you have already searched for the particular song in the internet, you will find the site that provides free download of the particular song.

3. When you have found the right song you needed, click on the download button which must be there on the site beside the song name. The downloading process will start in a moment.

4. A pop-up window will open and ask for the place where you want to save the song in your machine. Then you have to specify the location of the song and click the “save” button in the window. The song will be saved in your machine.


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