How to do the Chinese ‘needle’ first aid method during heart attack

nm Chinese acupressure techniques have existed for long, and have attained credibility over the years. According to Chinese theory, a continuous vital energy flows in channels in the body. This energy is called chi. These energy channels form a circuit in the body, and regulate functions of internal organs, the external body and other body functions.

Specific points along these channels can be used to control or influence the energy flow to organs / body parts. In other words, this energy-channel controlling technique can be used to increase blood circulation to organs, reduce inflammations, alleviate pain etc.

The common acupressure methods are rubbing, clutching with thumb and fingers, pressing vital points with thumb, elbow or knuckle, rapping / striking with sides of palms, and pricking.

How to use pricking method as first aid during heart attack

The pricking method is one among the traditional Chinese methods to give first aid during heart attacks. It is a pretty unusual way, but has amazed many by its effectiveness.

It is based on the principle of relieving build-up of blood pressure in the capillaries, and thus preventing them from bursting. When a block occurs in an artery, the blood pressure builds-up in that artery and surrounding arteries. It is akin to a traffic jam pile-up due to an accident on the road. Here’s how to do the pricking technique.

1) Take a needle. Wash it thoroughly. If possible, use a candle to heat the needle, and render it sterile.

2) Use the needle to prick all the ten fingertips of the person. Prick about a millimeter or so below the fingernail.

3) Prick till blood droplets ooze out. Take care not to gore the fingertips with needle, and make blood flow out. Blood should come only in droplets.

4) Squeeze the fingertips if necessary.

5) Make all of the ten fingertips to bleed.

6) Wait for a few minutes till the person regains consciousness.

7) If the person is still unconscious, then pull the earlobes until they become red, indicating the presence of blood.

8) Prick each earlobe twice. Two droplets have to come out from both earlobes. Wait till the person regains consciousness.

9) Call the ambulance service.


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